How to drink alcohol without getting sick

Updated February 21, 2017

Let's face it, nobody wants to end their night out with mates by being sick. Drinking alcohol at a party or a bar may have caused you to get sick in the past. These experiences can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and may even keep you from drinking alcohol in the future. You do not need to completely stay away from alcoholic beverages, however, in order to avoid getting sick. Following several different guidelines each time that you drink alcohol will prevent you from feeling ill and allow you to enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages.

Eat 30 minutes before

Eat a regular meal roughly 30 minutes to one hour before drinking alcohol. The Loyola Marymount University website recommends high-protein foods and dairy products. These foods slow how fast your body absorbs the alcohol.

Drink no more than two alcoholic drinks in a 60 minutes period. Drinking any more alcohol in one hour will likely result in you feeling dizzy and eventually getting sick.

Consume an 235ml. nonalcoholic beverage between alcohol drinks (a glass of water or a coke will do the job). This helps limit how much alcohol you consume at one time.

Snack while you drink. Eating chips, pretzels and cheeses while drinking can help your body better absorb alcohol. These foods also fill you up, which can keep you from wanting to drink any more liquids.

Accept only familiar drinks from familiar people. Beware of fruity drinks or cocktails that you have never heard of as they may be too strong for you. Never, under any circumstance, accept an alcoholic beverage from an individual (other than a bartender serving at a bar or restaurant) you don't know.

Turn down a drink if you believe it is too strong. You may enjoy whiskey and Coke, but not every drink is made the same way. Avoiding overly strong drinks can help you avoid getting sick.

Stop drinking alcohol immediately when you begin to feel dizzy, queasy or otherwise unwell. Then, drink an 235ml. glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverage.


Do not mix alcoholic beverages. For example, if you start the night drinking beer, do not change over to liquor or wine at any point during the evening. Never "gulp" an alcoholic beverage. Sipping your drinks will keep you within the one-to-two-drinks-an-hour window. Don't be afraid to add water, juice or a fizzy drink to an alcoholic beverage in order to water it down.

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