How to replace the high mounted third brake light on a ford focus

Written by christian killian | 13/05/2017
How to replace the high mounted third brake light on a ford focus
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Changing the bulbs in the high-mount brake light on your Ford Focus will improve the ability of other drivers to see you when you apply the brakes. The bulb used in the high-mount light is a W5W bulb and is available at any auto parts retailer, a Ford dealership or some department stores. Replacing the bulb is a great home maintenance task that you can do in the garage or driveway on a weekend, saving yourself a bill from the dealer or other repair centre.

Open the boot of your Ford Focus and locate the trim on the backside of the high mount light assembly. Remove the screws holding the trim in place with a Phillips screwdriver then remove the trim.

Grasp the bulb holder and pull it out of the light assembly. There are five W5W bulbs in the holder, locate the burnt out bulb and pull it straight out of the bulb holder. Discard the old bulb.

Install a new W5W bulb into the bulb holder, pushing it in until it seats completely in the holder. Push the bulb holder back into the light assembly, making sure it is all the way in the assembly.

Position the trim panel back over the light assembly and install the mounting screws with your Phillips screwdriver. Close the boot.

Things you need

  • Phillips screwdriver

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