How to Make an Origami Gun From Paper Folding

Updated February 21, 2017

Origami is an ancient Japanese art in which paper is folded in order to create recognisable shapes. The word "origami" is a combination of the Japanese words for "folding" and "paper," or "ori" and "kami." While classic origami shapes include cranes and flowers, you also can learn how to make an origami gun. Remember to press hard when making folds for a clean-looking gun.

Fold one sheet of paper in half from top to bottom.

Fold that same sheet in half again from top to bottom.

Fold the sheet a third time from top to bottom. This should create a long, thin strip of paper.

Fold the strip in half--pull the left end over the right end. Unfold the strip--this will leave a long, thin strip of paper with a deep crease in the middle.

Bend the left side down 90 degrees and fold it about two-finger widths before the crease. This will leave a strip of paper with one part of it folded down. This piece will become the gun's handle.

Bend the right side down 90 degrees. Fold about two-finger widths before the crease as in the above step--but on the right side of the crease. Make the fold on the same side as the previous fold--this will leave a U-shaped strip of paper.

Fold the U-shape in half. This will leave a doubled-up L shape. This is the gun handle.

Take the second sheet of paper and repeat the first three steps. This long, thin strip of paper is the gun barrel.

Fold the second strip of paper in half from left to right. This will leave one side with two loose ends and the other side will be creased.

Hold the first piece of paper in your hand as you would the gun handle. The pocket should face away from you.

Insert the second sheet of paper's two loose ends into both sides on the pocket.

Use paper clips or tape to secure the barrel to the handle for greater durability.


Press your hand along the length of folds to make them sharper.

Things You'll Need

  • Two sheets of paper
  • Two paper clips or tape (optional)
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