How to Make a DJ Mix With Virtual DJ

Updated February 21, 2017

Virtual DJ allows you to make a DJ mix by recording a mix performance to the hard drive. The mix can then be burnt to CD, or even played on the Internet. The Virtual DJ software consists of two virtual decks for loading audio and video tracks; there is extensive audio and video effects; a mixer; a looping engine and other tools. Useful features for DJ mixing include beats per minute (BPM) analysis, beat matching and a visual beat grid for displaying a graphical representation of the mix.

Open the application and look at the interface. The Music Browser is at the bottom of the screen and holds play lists and sound files. Above the Music Browser you'll find the two turntables with a Mixer Panel between them. At the top you'll see the Rhythm Window, which shows the waveform.

Click on the record tab. There will be four methods available: Record Audio, Burn CD, Broadcast and Record Movie. Select "Record Audio."

Click on the "Config" button. There are three choices: Record from Master; Master and Mic and Line IN. Select Record from Master to make the DJ mix from the Virtual DJ software, not an external mixer. You can make other selections here too, like choosing the format and selecting a file path. Click "OK" and then press "Start Recording."

Place one headphone over one ear so you can cue the tracks. Drag and drop a sound file onto each of the two turntables and perform a mix.

Press "End Recording" when the mix is complete. You will have made a DJ mix. Browse to the file--it will be at the file path you chose in step 3---and you can now burn it to CD or distribute it to your friends via the Internet.

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