How to make money posting envelopes from your home

Updated March 23, 2017

Making money by posting envelopes from your home is an idea that has been tossed around by many people for many years. Because of so many work-from-home advertising scams, people who want to make money by mailing out envelopes simply do not whom to trust. Be diligent in your job search, however, because good work-from-home job opportunities exist.

Pay for no product or service before it is received. Pick a company that does not ask you to perform tasks in advance. Paying up front or providing work before an established relationship will put you at risk of not getting paid or losing your hard-earned money.

Find a company that offers direct mailing services. Know that the real money made in this field comes when you are hired by a company that specialises in direct mail services. Companies that send out mail to advertise to a target market (direct mail companies) need home-based workers to address envelopes, place postage on the letters, and ensure that the mail is placed in the appropriate envelope.

Find direct mail service providers. Search online for keywords such as "direct mail," "direct mail companies," and "mail letters" to find companies that offer direct mail services to their clients. Keep a list of the contact information for these companies.

Decide which services you will offer. Consider which tasks will give the direct mail companies for whom you work the greatest benefit. Don't just stuff envelopes, handle other tasks. Offer services such as providing the envelopes, labels and mail list management, and sending letters for the company.

Purchase equipment. Buy a printer so that you can print mailing labels for your client; obtain database software to maintain the mailing list of your customers, and accounting software to keep track of all of your records. Remember that you will need a quality word processor to type all of the words which will go on the pieces of mail to be sent out.

Contact the companies from the list you have made. E-mail or post them a flyer with a list of your services. Offer 20% discounts to customers who provide referrals.

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