How to Use a DVD-R 8cm Disk on a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

A DVD-R 8cm disc is about half the size of a standard DVD. Typically these DVDs are used with video cameras that record directly to a DVD. However, it is still possible to use these 8cm DVDs on a standard computer as long as there is a DVD tray. If you are using a laptop without a DVD tray, such as a Macbook, you cannot use a DVD-R 8cm on the system because the disc doesn't have a clear entry point and the disc becomes loose in the open DVD slot, preventing it from loading onto the computer.

Open the DVD drive on your computer. You can see there is a small tray indentation for mini discs. Place the DVD-R 8cm onto the mini tray and close the drive. In a moment the content on the disc loads onto your screen.

Access content on the DVD whenever you want by clicking "Start," (My) "Computer," and double-click the DVD drive icon. This opens a window with all the programs and files currently stored on the disc. This is typically how you access video footage created with DVD video cameras.

Launch the DVD burning program on your computer. You can still use a DVD-R 8cm to create data and video DVDs, however you can only hold about a third of the actual data that a standard sized DVD can hold.

Eject the DVD from the computer by pressing the "Eject" button. When the DVD tray opens remove the mini DVD from the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with DVD tray
  • DVD-R 8cm
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