How to Draw Poppy Flowers

Updated July 20, 2017

Poppies are noble and striking flowers that come in many varieties. Perhaps most well known are the California poppies, with their bright orange hues and buttercup-like shapes. You can draw a California poppy by putting together simple shapes.

Draw the stem of the poppy with a green pencil. Draw a vertical line with a shorter diagonal line branching off on the left and right sides.

Add detail to the leaf by drawing small, slightly jagged lines branching off either side of the diagonal lines, using the green pencil.

Draw the blossom with a dark orange pencil. Make an elongated half circle with the curved part at the bottom, touching the top of the green stem.

Add detail to the blossom by drawing in petals. Draw a "V" shape with the dark orange pencil in the centre of the elongated half circle to suggest the outlines of petals.

Colour in the blossom with a light orange pencil.

Draw a small dot with the magenta pencil at the base of the blossom where it meets the stem.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Light green coloured pencil
  • Dark orange coloured pencil
  • Light orange coloured pencil
  • Magenta coloured pencil
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