How to Install a Drive Belt on a Simplicity Riding Lawnmower

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are mowing with your Simplicity riding lawnmower each season, you will begin to stretch, wear and fray the drive belt running from the pulley under the engine to the deck pulley. With all this wear, the belt will eventually snap or stretch so much, you will have to replace the belt in order to get back to driving and mowing again on your Simplicity riding mower.

Kneel beside the left side of your Simplicity riding mower.

Push the idler tension arm toward the front of the rider to relieve tension in the belt. This will move the idler pulley out towards you.

Slip the belt off of the deck pulley. Slip the belt off of the arbor drive pulley in front of the PTO pulley below the engine. Finally slip the pulley off the main PTO pulley under the engine.

Slip the new belt around the PTO pulley under the engine. Make sure the V side of the belt is facing toward the V-shaped pulley. Slip the outer side of the belt over the arbor drive pulley. Slip the other end of the belt over the deck drive pulley.

Release the idler arm to apply tension on the new belt.

Things You'll Need

  • Simplicity rider drive belt
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