How To Save and Rotate the View in a PDF File

Updated February 21, 2017

The Adobe portable document format (PDF) is widely utilised for document and file exchange. Often you may come across PDF documents that contain tables, images and even text positioning vertically, not horizontally. You need to rotate the page view to read such documents normally. Adobe Acrobat software has a special option to permanently save the modified view of your PDF document.

Open Adobe Acrobat.

Click "File" in the program window and then select "Open."

Find a PDF file on your computer. Double-click on the file to open it.

Click the "Document" menu in the Adobe program window and choose the "Rotate Pages" option.

Select the direction for rotation: possible choices are "Clockwise 90 degrees," "Counterclockwise 90 degrees" or "180 degrees."

Select the pages you need to rotate; select "All" to modify the view for the entire PDF document.

Click "OK" to rotate the view for the chosen page range.

Press "Ctrl" and "S" on the keyboard to save the rotated view in the PDF file.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat
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