How to Use a Rizla Cigarette Roller

Updated July 20, 2017

If you are tired of buying your cigarettes at the store and find rolling your own cigarettes difficult, a cigarette roller may be an effective solution. These relatively cheap devices are easy to find in tobacco shops and give you complete control over the contents of your cigarette. The French company Rizla has been producing cigarette papers since the 1500s, according to its website, and introduced the first rolling machine in 1928. With a Rizla rolling machine, even first-timers can roll perfectly shaped cigarettes in a matter of seconds.

Place your filter, if desired, and push it between the rollers on the far right or far left end. Then take your loose-leaf tobacco and distribute it evenly between the rollers.

Push the rollers closed, sealing in your tobacco and optional filter. Take the roller facing you and make it rotate one full turn by pushing it downward.

Insert your cigarette rolling paper between the two closed rollers so the adhesive strip is on top and facing you.

Moisten the adhesive strip and rotate both rollers towards you.


There are many different types of cigarette rollers made by many different types of companies. Be sure to do research on the specific type of cigarette roller that works best for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Loose-leaf tobacco
  • Adhesive cigarette paper
  • Rizla cigarette roller
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