How to Build an Otter Tank in Zoo Tycoon

Updated April 17, 2017

Released in 2001 by Blue Fang Games, Zoo Tycoon takes Maxim's SimCity model and applies it to zoological parks. Players are challenged to buy exotic animals, sell rare animal infants for profit and keep all park guests happy. One of the more immersive components is the creation of exhibits and tanks from scratch. Otter tanks are notoriously difficult to build because they require both land and water components that must be connected.

Create a large saltwater tank measuring 10 by five squares. Add 12 per cent foliage and 8 per cent small rocks to keep your otters happy.

Create a terrestrial exhibit adjacent to the water tank. It should also measure 10 by five squares, making the entire compound 10 by 10 squares.

Use the terrain tool to lower the water tank until the fence separating the water and land sections disappears. You will now have a large terrestrial section connected to a below-ground water tank.

Purchase three sea otters and add them to the enclosure. Add grey stone, beach grass and water weeds to make the tank cosmetically appealing.

Monitor sea otter response to the enclosure and adjust foliage and rocks accordingly.


Place fences all the way around the enclosure to prevent adventurous sea otters from escaping.

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