How to Plan a Baking Contest for School

A school baking contest can serve to bring families together to support the school through a fundraiser that is educational and downright tasty. The baking contest can take several different forms. Students can have a "bake off", parents and others can donate baked goods and host a contest drawing or cake walk to give out the goodies or judges can determine which baked goods are the best ones and hand out prizes.

Decide on the type of baking contest. The first step is to decide on the type of baking contest you want to organise for your school. In a bake off, students who are in culinary or home arts classes or those who are adept at cooking bake their best baked good. Each student who is in the bake off will secure sponsors who will donate money to the cause. Another option is to have parents, booster club members, teachers and others bake homemade goods and donate them to the cause. Tickets are sold and people participate in a cake walk or their numbers are drawn and the baked goods are handed out. Another option is to host a baking contest that adults can enter as well and have judges determine the winner.

Choose how the contest will earn money for the school and what that money will go for. Most events that are organised are fundraisers for the school, a particular club at school or even to fund the PTA or a field trip or class trip. Try to think of other ways to earn money while hosting the baking contest. For example, can you also offer some donated baskets and have an auction? Perhaps you'd like to sell hot dogs or chilli as well?

Get the word out. The only way to have a truly successful baking contest is to get people from the school and the local community involved. In order to do this, you have to get the word out. A flyer explaining the event and how to enter or donate should be sent home with students at least three weeks prior to the baking contest. Follow-up with telephone calls to parents and children who are likely to get involved. If you are not sure who this might be, ask teaches and faculty. About two weeks before the event, you'll want to hang flyers around town and have a small announcement in the local paper. You may have to pay a small fee for this, or the paper may announce it for free. This varies widely. Ask students to invite family and friends to the event as well.

Enlist help. Also two to three weeks before the event you will want to enlist volunteers to help you on the day of the contest.

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