How to Put a Percent Into a Pie Chart

Updated February 21, 2017

Displaying the percentage of values in a chart makes it easier to compare data. You can put a per cent into a pie chart by using Microsoft Excel. Thanks to the built-in formulas, you won't have to calculate your values by hand. You can copy a table from another program and paste it into Excel. Excel will help you create a chart based on those values and update your chart whenever the values change. The completed chart can then be placed into your current worksheet, a different worksheet, or added to another program.

Open Microsoft Excel and enter the data you want to include in your pie chart.

Click on "Insert, Chart." To use the standard pie chart, click on "Standard Types" tab. Then choose "Pie" for the "Chart type" and select a thumbnail under "Chart subtype." To use a customised chart, select the "Custom Types" tab instead and scroll through the list of pie charts. Leave "Built-in" selected under "Select from."

Click on "Next >" and select the "Data range" button to choose the range of values you want to use in the pie chart. Then click on "Next >."

Enter the chart title you want to use under the "Titles" tab and select the "Data Labels" tab. Choose the label contents and place a checkmark by "Percentage" to put a per cent into the pie chart. Then click on "Next."

Choose where you want your chart added--within the current Excel worksheet or as a new worksheet. Then click on "Finish." The pie chart with percentage will be placed into Excel.

Enter your data into Microsoft Excel 2007 and select the data you want to create a pie chart for.

Click on the "Insert" tab and choose "Pie" from the "Charts" group. Select a pie chart from "2-D Pie" or "3-D Pie" to place it onto your page.

Select the pie chart in Excel, then click on the "Design" tab and go to the "Chart Layouts" group. Use the scrollbar on the right-hand-side of the "Chart Layouts" section to scroll through the thumbnail layouts and pick a layout with a percentage. Your pie chart will now include percentages.

Choose the location you'd like the pie chart placed in by selecting "Move Chart" from the location group under the "Design" tab. You may add the chart to a new sheet or as an embedded chart in the current worksheet.

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