How to wash ski clothes

Updated July 19, 2017

Ski clothing takes a beating. Storms, mud, the occasional rainstorm, plus ski edges and random tree branches all can leave your ski jacket and trousers looking like they've been run over by a truck. Underlayers can quickly develop a funky odour if not cleaned regularly. Cleaning your ski clothing has the added benefit of restoring its functionality while keeping you looking snazzy on the slopes. For outerlayers, a proper cleaning also helps keep you dry during big storms.

Separate outer and underlayers and wash them separately.

Place underlayers, such as long underwear and fleece jackets, in a cold cycle with a small amount of nondetergent cleaner and run the wash cycle. Tumble dry on a low setting.

Place the jacket and trousers in the washing machine on a cold cycle with some nondetergent cleaner and run the cycle.

Run the cold cycle again on the jacket and trousers, this time adding some of the wash-in water repellent to the cold cycle.

Tumble dry the ski clothing on a low cycle.

Wash down clothing separately from synthetics and the outer shells, using a product like Down wash to clean it. Air dry down clothing flat.


Washing machines without an agitator may work better for Gore-Tex products; some agitators can cause the Gore-Tex to delaminate.

Things You'll Need

  • Nondetergent cleaner (Nikwax Tech Wash, ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner)
  • Down cleaner (Nikwax Down Wash, ReviveX Down Cleaner)
  • Wash-in water repellent (Nikwax TX.Direct, ReviveX Water Repellent for Outerwear)
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