How to Hide a Propane Tank

Propane tanks are a common site in the yards of country homes and cabins in the woods, but they're not very attractive. A beautifully landscaped yard can be ruined visually by a hunk of metal sitting in the midst of your flowers and fountains. However, hiding a propane tank is easy if you keep safety in mind first. Learn ways to make it blend in, or conceal it altogether, so you can move on to other outdoor decorating projects.

Paint it. Just as in interior design, unattractive elements of outdoor decorating can be blended in to the rest of the landscape and visually hidden. Choose a lighter colour that reflects heat, rather than a darker colour that absorbs it and could lead to safety issues.

Place tall potted plants and trees around the tank to conceal it from view. Choose large decorative pots that cover more area and match the rest of your lawn decor.

Create custom signs that hide a propane tank from all sides. For example, make a large wooden welcome sign that announces whose household it is and lists all of the family members or the name of your farm--or paint a custom mural to match the theme of your landscaping design.

Place other large yard decorations around the tank. Fountains, bird baths and garden sculptures can all be set strategically to block the tank from view.

Build a custom box around the entire tank with access panels for filling and servicing and decorative lattice panels at the bottom and top for air flow. Paint it to look like a part of the landscape theme.

Install a fence to hide the propane tank. Install decorative wooden fencing, with a gate for easy access for filling it, and tall enough to block it entirely from view.


Never dig around a propane tank or plant trees where roots could interfere with the gas lines before calling a professional for advice. Also, be careful when driving posts around your tank.

Things You'll Need

  • Speciality paint
  • Potted plants or trees
  • Custom signs
  • Yard ornaments
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