How to Identify a Phone Number in the United Kingdom

Updated March 23, 2017

Most of the phone calls you receive on a daily basis are from friends, family or business contacts that you know. Sometimes, you receive a phone call from a number you that you may have never seen before. Landline numbers for United Kingdom numbers are displayed in the White Pages and can be searched. Cell phones are a bit trickier, as the cell phone carrier is not legally allowed to give out contact information for a cell phone. In this case, you might need to hire a private investigator or company to dig into the identity of the cell.

Re-dial the number and ask the dialer for information. For prepaid numbers this is the only way to discover the identity of the caller.

Enter the number in an online search engine and see if any information pops up. If you do not recognise the number and they are calling repeatedly, it might be a telemarketer. There are phone number websites devoted to discovering the identity of these numbers

Enter the number in a phone code locator to discover the location of the number. UK Phone Info offers a free online service for this.

Go to the UK white pages and look up the number in the directory. The local phone code will help narrow down your search.

Use an online reverse phone look up directory. Enter in the number online and perform a search. Most of these services cost a small fee to display the contact name and details.


You cannot identify prepaid cell phones, nor can the phone company.

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