How to Catch Fish With a Net

Updated April 17, 2017

The ability to catch fish is a skill that can be acquired in many ways. Some anglers prefer to use a fishing rod and live bait. Others use a big boat and troll artificial lures. Others prefer to use a net. A casting net is a net weighted along one edge that a fish catcher throws across as wide a body of water as they can.

Locate a body of water that is rich with fish. Wade into the water and make sure the fish are not spooked easily by your presence.

Fasten the rope attached to the cast net to the arm you will be using to throw the net. If you throw with your right hand, attach the rope to your right hand.

Grab the middle of the net with your right hand, making sure that the weights are lined up at the bottom of the net. Now grasp the bottom of the net with your left hand.

Walk out as far into the water as you can go until you are about waist-deep. Pause a moment and let the fish come back that may have been scared away by your arrival.

Throw the net out like you would be throwing a flying disc. Let the weights fly out of your hand in an unfurling motion. This may take some practice. Pull the net back to you once it has hit bottom. Carry your haul to the beach.


Time your throw so the net hits the water when it is at its most fully outstretched. This will ensure maximum fish catching capabilities.


Do not throw your casting net anywhere there are sharp rocks, thick branches or man-made debris. If you do, you may rip your cast net and render it useless.

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