Easy-to-Make Balloon Decorations

Updated April 17, 2017

Balloon decorations are an easy, low-cost way to spruce up your special event. While it is tempting to use latex balloons, helium balloons will last much longer and look fuller throughout your occasion. You can make these simple and beautiful balloon bouquets, arches, swags and clouds in just a few minutes for your wedding, birthday party, baby shower or other memorable occasion.


Balloon bouquets are quick yet stunning table centrepieces that can be used for weddings, dinner parties, bridal showers and other special events. Use a weighted base, such as flower basket or vase that has been half-filled with sand, to tie different heights of balloons to. Use varying shades of the same colour to create a subtle effect or use contrasting colours to create a dramatic effect. Tie the strings together right above the top of your weighted base with coloured string or a decorative ribbon.


Balloon arches add visual appeal to display pieces such as wedding cakes or champagne fountains. Purchase or rent a metal wedding arch. Starting at the top, attach your balloons to the arch with string or heavy-duty wire ties. Evenly space out the balloons to create a uniform effect. Create a fuller effect by attaching balloons to the bottom of the arch also so that you will have balloons facing up and down from the arch.


Balloon swags, or strands, can be hung from the ceiling to drape down onto the floor, attached to door frames or placed directly on the floor to hide unsightly wires. Tie one end of fishing line to a doorknob and tie the other end to a chair across the room. Blow up several dozen balloons to identical sizes. Place two balloon necks on either side of a piece of the wire and tie them together. Repeat until your balloon swag reaches your desired length. Wrap small clear or coloured Christmas lights around the swag, if desired.


Balloon clusters are hung from the ceiling to look like clouds. While they can be hung alone, three or more are usually hung tied together with decorative ribbon or tulle. Blow up 12 to 15 balloons of the same size. Tie two balloon necks together. Tie two more balloon necks together over the two balloon necks you just tied. You should now have a cluster of four balloons. Attach one more balloon to the centre of the cluster. Repeat the process again and attach the two clusters together with clear fishing line. The fifth balloon should be facing out on both sides. Hang the balloon cloud from the ceiling with clear fishing line.

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