How to Send a Test Fax

Written by george n. root iii | 13/05/2017
How to Send a Test Fax
A fax machine is still standard office equipment. (Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

Even in the digital age, it is still sometimes convenient to have a fax machine in the office to send hard copies of documents in a hurry. When you first set up your new fax you will want to test it and see if it works by sending a test fax. You can send and receive a test fax to check the functionality of your new machine without having to rely on anyone else or another fax machine.

Set up an account with one of the many free Internet faxing services available. Examples of companies that offer free Internet faxing are eFax and FreeFax (see Resources).

Create a test fax with a detailed picture on it and some handwriting. You are concerned with checking the quality of the fax being sent.

Send the fax to your free Internet fax number through your fax machine. You will receive the fax in your e-mail.

Gauge the quality of the fax and make adjustments to the fax machine to ensure the image comes out clearly. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for instructions on how to adjust a sent image on your fax machine.

Send another fax using your free Internet fax service. If possible, use the same image you sent to test the outgoing fax quality. If you cannot use the same image, create something similar.

Adjust the machine's settings for receiving faxes until the quality of the image suits you.


  • It may take several faxes to get the quality of incoming and outgoing faxes the way you want them. Be sure to check with your Internet fax service provider to see if you have a limit on the number of free incoming and outgoing faxes. Many providers limit you on the number of pages or total faxes you can send and receive per month.

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