How to make extra large bows

Updated February 21, 2017

Extra large bows accessorise oversized packages and gift items. Make your own extra large bows to fit the top of a car or the top of a large box. Select wide satin ribbon to make an extra large bow with fluffy loops. Ribbon is sold by the spool. It takes approximately 10 yards of ribbon to make a large 10-inch wide fluffy bow. To make extra large bows, purchase a 50-yard spool of satin ribbon.

Measure the space where you plant to place the bow to determine the overall desired width of the loops in the centre of the bow. From the tip of one centre loop to the tip of the other is the widest part of the bow.

Unroll several yards of ribbon from the spool. Do not cut the ribbon. Make a loop at the beginning of the ribbon strip equal to half of the overall desired width of the bow. Hold the tip end of the ribbon flush against the ribbon at the base of the loop. Make another loop in the opposite direction that's the same size as the first loop. Keep the sides flush. Clip the ribbons together in the centre between the two loops with an oversized paper clip.

Unroll several more yards of ribbon from the spool. It's easier to make extra large bows if you unroll the ribbon as you go. Make two more loops with the ribbon layered over the first two loops. Slide the ribbon in the centre between the two loops into the paper clip.

Repeat the third step 14 more times. You will have a thick ribbon stack that is joined in the centre with loops on either side of the paper clip.

Roll out 6 inches of ribbon beyond the centre after making the last loop. Cut the ribbon from the spool.

Slide the paper clip out of the way of the centre point, but do not allow the ribbons to come loose. Keep the edges flush. Cut a 1-inch wide inverted V on either side of the centre of the ribbon stack. The cut should go all the way through the stack. The point of the V should be towards the centre of the width of the ribbon.

Cut a 20-inch strand of 22-gauge craft wire. Twist the wire tightly around the centre point of the inverted V.

Hold the ribbon stack upright with one of the loops facing up. Separate the layers of ribbon beginning with the inside layer first. Pull the inside loop to the side and then down. Pull each layer of ribbon successively from the inside out and down until one side of the extra large bow is complete.

Repeat Step 8 with the other ribbon loop. Fluff the extra large bow to the desired shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 2-1/4-inch wide satin ribbon, 50 yards (1 spool)
  • Oversized paper clip
  • Sharp scissors
  • 22-gauge craft wire
  • Wire cutters
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