How to make a desktop background not blurry

Written by risa edwards | 13/05/2017
How to make a desktop background not blurry
Flower desktop background. (pc monitor image by Jorge Casais from

Many users like to personalise their computer desktops with fun images, or wallpaper that they find online or by using their own digital photographs. Not all images are appropriate as desktop backgrounds, and can appear blurry or distorted on your screen. Try the following steps to improve the image quality and create a background that is attractive and interesting.

Click on "Start" and then select "Control Panel". Click on "Appearance and Personalization." Then click on "Change Desktop Background" under "Personalization."

Check if your background image is set to stretch, which fills the whole screen. Change the setting to "Center" or "Tile" the image, which keeps the image the original size eliminating distortions.

Confirm that your screen resolution is set to high. Select "Adjust Screen Resolution" under "Personalization." Move the slide bar to "High" then click on "Apply." Look at the resolution and choose "Yes" to keep the new settings. Select "No" if the appearance is not what you want and make additional changes until you are satisfied.

Determine if your original image is blurry. Work to sharpen the image using a photo editor or try to resize the image if it is large.

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