How to convert a PDF to a JPEG for free

Written by mitchell white | 13/05/2017
How to convert a PDF to a JPEG for free
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PDF is a common document file. If you need to change the file you have in PDF into a picture format like JPEG, a conversion will be necessary. Some sites may require a format like JPEG to work, since it's a simpler format than PDF. You can use an online conversion website to accomplish the conversion.

Open up your web browser to a conversion website such as Freefileconvert, Convertfiles or (see "Resources").

Click on the button on the main page that's marked "Browse." A browse window appears with all of the folders on your computer listed. Locate your PDF file and double-click on it.

Click where it reads "Output Format." A drop-down menu appears. Look for "JPG" which should be listed under "images" and select it.

Hit the "Convert" button. After a few moments a link will appear with your original file name listed, only now it has the "JPG" file extensions. Click on it to download your new JPEG to your computer.

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