How do I Lay Amtico Tiles?

Updated February 21, 2017

Amtico tiles are a vinyl tile product manufactured by Amtico International. Amtico tiles give the look of tile with the easy clean up and moisture resistance of vinyl. Install Amtico tiles on either porous or non-porous subfloor that are properly prepared. Amtico tiles are individual tiles made in varying sizes that require no concrete, silicone or acrylic grouting. Use the same basic installation process for Amtico as is needed for conventional ceramic tile, using Amtico's 373 adhesive that is specially made for the Amtico line.

Prepare the subfloor by levelling it, filling all cracks and divots and sealing it.

Acclimate the Amtico tiles by opening all packages inside the project area and letting them sit for at least 48 hours before tiling.

Snap centre chalk lines along the floor by measuring from each wall mid point to the opposite mid point, crossing and marking the middle point of the project area. Snap a chalk line from the mid point of each edge to the mid point of the opposite edge, crossing the middle of the project area.

Examine the Amtico tiles for damage and colour consistency, then lay out the pattern throughout the project area.

Cut any tiles to fit the edges of the room or any corners presented freestanding fixtures with a tile cutter. Mark the cut line on the tile's back, score the line with the cutter blade, then snap the tile along the score line by pressing with the cutter's rubber snap.

Take up a section of the tile, spread a thin layer of Amtico 373 adhesive over the section with a 1/16 inch notched trowel for porous subfloors or a 1/32 fine notched trowel for non-porous subfloors.

Allow the adhesive to set according to the instructions associated with the particular Amtico tile used, as some tile requires wet adhesive and others require tacky, slightly set adhesive. Lay the Amtico tile in the properly prepared adhesive and wiggle it slightly to eliminate any air between the tile and the adhesive. Lay the tile without space between them and along the chalk lines to ensure a straight installation.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line
  • Amtico Tile
  • Amtico 373 adhesive
  • Notched trowel, 1/16 inch or 1/32 inch
  • Manual tile cutter
  • Floor roller, 100 pound, 3 section
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