How to change paint color

Updated February 21, 2017

Change a paint colour slightly if you opened a can of paint to find it is not quite the right colour or create a totally new colour using an all-purpose paint tint such as Tints-All. This paint tint is a highly concentrated pigment that will not fade with time and can be used in most types of paint, including water-based and oil-based. Choose from a wide range of pigments and use just a few drops to dramatically change the colour of your paint.

Determine the colour you would like to achieve and the pigment to add to get that colour (see resources 1 and 2).

Open the can of paint and give it a quick stir with a stir stick to blend any paint separation.

Add just one or two drops of tint at first. Remember, this is strong stuff and you cannot go back after adding too much at once.

Mix the paint using an electric drill with a paint mixer bit. Mix thoroughly until the tint is completely incorporated.

Inspect the colour and gradually mix in more tint if needed to achieve the desired colour.


Never combine oil-based paints with water-based paints as they are incompatible.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose paint tint
  • Drill
  • Paint mixer drill bit
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