How to make red dye in hair fade faster

Dyeing your hair can be a quick and dramatic way to change your appearance. Glossy red hair can be achieved artificially using hair dye from a salon or out of a box from your favourite retailer. If applied incorrectly, red dye can leave your hair looked dull or brassy. Individuals with a bad red hair dye job can use various home and professional strategies to make red hair dye fade faster so you can add new dye to restore your hair's beauty.

Contact the colour technician at the salon at which you dyed your hair if you had your hair dyed red professionally. Typically she will adjust your hair colour to the proper shade at no additional charge.

Rinse your hair in hot water. The heat from the water helps the hair shaft shed the dye particles, helping to fade your red dye job with every rinse.

Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo or a shampoo with a high pH level. Examples include some products from Neutrogena or Prell. These shampoos deep cleanse the hair, helping to wash out red hair dye.

Use a pigmented shampoo or hair gloss designed for brunettes or black hair. Such products not only help wash out hair dye but also contain light pigmentation that can help diffuse and cover up the red hair dye.

Fade the red dye completely. Use an over-the-counter hair dye stripper available from most general retailers. These kits contain strong hydrogen peroxide and hair bleach. Hair peroxides typically range in strength from volume 10 to volume 30, and hair stripper kits usually use volume 30. Mix the bleach powder with the hydrogen peroxide cream, and apply it to your hair. This lifts the dye from your hair shaft, leaving your hair a bronze-gold colour. Re-dye to a new shade.


Try to correct a bad red dye job within the first few days of dying your hair. The longer you wait, the more the dye sets and the harder it is to fade and remove.

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