How to Repair a Corrupt JPEG File

Updated April 17, 2017

JPEG is a widely used file format for pictures and graphics. Due to various user or system errors, JPEG files may get corrupt. When you try to open a corrupt JPEG file, you may either get an error message saying it is corrupt or the photo may appear distorted. Either way, you can fix it by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Right-click the corrupt JPEG file and select "Rename."

Type a different name for the file, but make sure it still retains the JPEG file extension. Hit "Enter" once you have entered the file name. Try to open the file. In some cases, this simple step will solve the problem. If it doesn't, go to Step 3.

Install a JPEG recovery program. You will find several free programs or trial editions that can repair corrupt JPEG files. Davory 2.03, PixRecovery, and JPEG Recovery Pro Editor are some of them (see Resources section).

Launch the program.

Follow the onscreen prompts to locate the corrupt JPEG file and then repair the file. You will be asked for a "destination folder" where the program will save the repaired file. Select a secured location on your hard drive and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the task.

Things You'll Need

  • JPEG recovery program
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