How to repair a bed frame

Squeaky or unstable bed frames can disrupt your sleep and be very annoying. As bed frames get older, they can loosen over the years, causing them to creak with every movement. Also, certain weather conditions and climates can cause the screws in the bed frame to dry up and squeak. However, you may be able to prevent purchasing a new bed frame by investigating the problem that's causing the bed frame to creak and wobble, and using the necessary tools to fix it.

Determine the cause of the noisy bed frame by investigating all areas the noise or wobble could possibly be coming from. Remove the mattress and box spring, and use a wrench to unscrew all of nuts and bolts from the frame.

Wrap the nuts and bolts with sealant tape, if you have a metal bed frame, and put a plastic washer between the frame and the lock washer to tighten the bolts. If you have a wooden frame, run the nuts and bolts over a bar of soap before tightening them into place.

Take the frame apart, if it is still not fixed, and put some fabric where the frame connects into the wood, for both the head and foot of the bed. If you have a metal bed frame, spray some oil lubricant on the screws.

Put some paste wax on the side rails that connect the headboard and the footboard. If your bed still continues to squeak, the hanger parts of the frame may be worn out, and you may need to replace them.


You may need to completely replace your bed frame if you are unable to fix it.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Sealant tape
  • Plastic washers
  • Bar soap
  • Fabric
  • Paste wax
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