DIY Transfer Mini DV to DVD

Updated April 17, 2017

Mini DV tapes afford a lot of freedom for digital recorders due to the picture quality and amount of recording time provided by each tape. The value of the tapes and camcorders needed to record on Mini DV are very affordable compared to DVD camcorders with similar options. The drawback is the lack of sharing opportunities with any friends and family who do not have a Mini DV camcorder. To allow for sharing, Mini DV video can be transferred onto DVD disc.

Place the tape that you want to transfer into the Mini DV camcorder and plug your camcorder into your computer using a fire wire (IEEE 1394) cable. If your computer does not have a fire wire port then it can be purchased. If adding a fire wire plug is not an option then unplug all USB devices on the computer then insert the USB plug from the camcorder. The fewer devices using a USB interface the more power can be used to download the video.

Turn on your camcorder, set it to play mode and plug in the AC adaptor to avoid the battery dying during transfer. Open your DVD burning software and begin importing the video information from your camcorder. Nero and Vegas Movie Studio are two of the more popular software titles you can use. If you are low on storage space then use an external hard drive to store your videos. The higher the resolution the more storage space the file will take.

Edit the video or make any changes to the video before starting the burning process. Choose the format that you want to use for recording purposes. You can use blank DVD +/- R, DVD +/- RW, DVD DL or Blu-ray discs.

Enter the blank DVD into the DVD recorder tray and select the burn option in the DVD editing or burning software. Begin the burning process using the video burning software to burn the final video to the blank DVD.

If using a standalone DVD recorder plug the camcorder into the digital video input and set the camcorder to play mode. Insert the blank DVD and press the record button. The file will transfer onto the DVD just as it is on the Mini DV cassette.


Back up your video information before burning.

Things You'll Need

  • Fire wire cable
  • Fire wire input
  • USB input
  • External Hard Drive
  • Editing Software
  • Blank DVD
  • Stand Alone DVD Recorder
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