How to Convert a WDB Format to MS Excel

Written by amy dombrower | 13/05/2017
How to Convert a WDB Format to MS Excel
Convert WDB files to Microsoft Excel. (laptop 9 image by Harvey Hudson from

WDB is the file format associated with Microsoft Works Database, which is a fairly basic spreadsheet program. If you have an old database file, Microsoft Works allows you to convert the file into a transferable format that will open directly in Microsoft Excel. Once converted, you'll be able to do much more with Excel data, from complicated formulas to useful charts and graphs. If you don't have Microsoft Works, your best option may be a third-party converter tool.

Open the WDB file in Microsoft Works Database.

Click the "File" menu. Select "Save as."

Click the "Save as Type" menu and select "Text and Commas (.csv)." This stands for Comma Separated Values, a standard format that will open in Microsoft Excel.

Click "Save."

Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel. If you are using the "File, Open" command in Excel, make sure to select "Text Files" or "All Files" in the "Open" dialogue box in order to locate the CSV file.

Download and install a free third-party converter tool that will transfer WDB files to Excel (see Resources).

Open the converter. Select the WDB file as the source file and select "Excel Spreadsheet" as the output type.

Click "Convert."

Open the new file in Excel.

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