How to Submit a TV Show Idea

Updated April 17, 2017

Your great idea for a television show does not have to be an unrealised dream. Even a novice or first-time screenwriter can present a television show idea to a network or production company. Once you have written a treatment for the television show idea, you may enlist the assistance of a screenwriting agent, or submit it directly to a network or production company.

Write a treatment—or, a concise synopsis—of your television show. Treatment presentation is the industry standard for sharing show ideas with television producers and executives. Your treatment must include character and plot descriptions. Visit the ITVS Treatment web page to familiarise yourself with treatment structure.

Find a screenwriting agent willing to represent your work if you do not want to contact networks and production companies on your own. Agents help get show ideas placed on network television and with production companies. Contact screenwriting agencies listed on the Writers Guild of America web page. Explore their websites for information on their policies and practices before calling wherever applicable.

Decide on the television network or networks to which you should submit your television show treatment. Be mindful of the nature of your programming, as this has an effect on which networks may be interested.

Each network has its own website. Contact the human resources department for each network in which you are interested to show them your treatment. Ask about the protocol for treatment submission, as these vary by network. Some networks do not accept unsolicited treatments and show pitches from writers who are not represented by agents or talent management.

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