How to Make a Round Flower Arrangement

Updated April 17, 2017

Flower arrangements come in a virtually endless variety of colours, sizes, styles and shapes, including one-sided and round arrangements. Round flower arrangements are versatile, popular and aesthetically appealing. Because they are attractive from every angle, they are ideal for placing on tables and counter tops, and for use as centrepieces. Being less angular than other floral designs, round flower arrangements are pleasing to the eye, and convey a mood of soft abundance.

Slice off the bottom ½ to 1 inch of each flower and greenery stem at a sharp angle using a floral knife. Place your assorted flowers and greenery in a water-filled bucket where they can remain hydrated while you assemble the round flower arrangement.

Position a water-filled vase on a worktable. A worktable that reaches to the middle of your torso is generally the most comfortable for floral design.

Grasp three to five flowers. Cut their stems so that they measure twice as tall as the vase. Insert the flowers into the vase. These flowers will be the top centre of the round arrangement.

Cut four to seven more flower stems to a length about 2 inches shorter than the top-centre flowers you inserted in step 3. Insert these flowers into the vase so that they surround the top-centre flowers and angle slightly outward, away from the top centre flowers.

Trim five to nine more flower stems to a length about 2 inches shorter than the stems you just inserted into the vase in step 4. Place these in the vase so that they surround the flowers you inserted in step 4. Angle them slightly outward.

Continue this process of inserting progressively shorter flowers at slightly outward-pointing angles until you reach the rim of the vase. Note that you are essentially placing one ring of flowers below another, with each ring becoming slightly larger and slightly shorter as you move downward. This will create the round shape.

Trim stems of greenery and insert them into the arrangement between the flowers. Use greenery to fill out the arrangement by placing it in any open or flat spaces to give it a look of fullness and dimension as well as enhance its round shape.

Turn the arrangement all the way around slowly so you can verify it is pleasing to the eye from every side. Trim and reposition flowers and greenery as needed to perfect the round shape.


You can make a round floral arrangement using virtually any types of flowers. However, flowers such as roses, ranunculus, peonies and daisies, look especially good in this style of arrangement, as their round shapes echo the softness of the round design. You can create round arrangements in baskets or other containers besides vases. To do so, place a fully saturated piece of floral foam in the lined basket or container. Arrange the flowers using the same method described above, inserting them into the floral foam rather than into water. Some people prefer to arrange greenery in their vase or container before they add flowers. This method works just as well. A round arrangement that consists entirely of flowers and no greenery at all can have a lush, beautiful look. To enhance the round quality of this type of arrangement, place it in a spherical vase, also known as a "bubble bowl."

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted flowers, such as roses, ranunculus, peonies, and daisies
  • Floral knife
  • Water-filled bucket
  • Worktable
  • Water-filled vase
  • Greenery
  • Optional: Floral foam, basket or other container
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