How to Create Your Own Email Address at Hotmail or Yahoo

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are two of the most popular e-mail service providers. Both e-mail services offer users their own personal e-mail IDs. To create your own customised e-mail address in either e-mail service, you must first sign up for an account. During the account process you can check to see if your desired e-mail address is still available.

Go to

Select the "Sign Up" button next to "Don't have a Hotmail account?"

Enter in your own e-mail address in the "Windows Live ID" field. Then hit the "Check Availability" button to make sure the name is still available.

Type in a password, your name, your country, state, zip code, gender, birth year, and enter the Captcha characters displayed in the box.

Press the "I accept" button to accept the terms and to create your own Hotmail e-mail address.

Go to ""

Press the "Sign Up" link under "Don't have a Yahoo ID?"

Enter in your personal details such as name, birth date, country, state and postcode.

Select your e-mail ID and password. After entering in your Yahoo ID, you can press the "Check" button to make sure it is still available.

Complete the registration and then select "Create My Account."

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