How to write a performance review for your boss

Writing a performance review for your boss is probably a tricky subject for most. Therefore, it is important to understand the purpose and elements regarding the evaluation process. For instance, who is the intended reader? Will the review bring about positive performance changes, if the boss' weak points are corrected? Formulating an easy-to-read analysis that management and employees can appreciate should be the goal in mind.

Organise the data collected on the individual to be reviewed. Use the statistics of his or her department and determine the results. For example, does the boss meet standards set by the employer? How well does the boss disseminate the vision and mission statement to the subordinates? In other words, is the boss able to fulfill the company's purpose and does the future goal of the boss match up with the outlook of the organisation? These can be evaluated by looking at the performance of anyone under the boss' supervision. The result should indicate whether the boss hurts or helps the effort.

Determine what will be included in sequential order. For example, start in alphabetical order to make it easier to organise. Use sections and stay focused on each topic. Avoid long sentences by using a ratings system to denote excellent, fair, and poor. An alternative is to purchase a system that will format everything, and make it easy to fill in the sections based on the department.

Write according to the audience and be tactful when appropriate. Always begin with a positive statement and follow up with a statement for improvement. Mention solutions when possible to correct the weakness. If there are many issues, list them using bullet points and bold the heading of a subject to make it easier to read. For instance, "Effective Response Time" could be bold followed by a list of points that are concise.

Proofread the review for errors. Typos and other mistakes must be avoided. Submit the review in a timely manner and keep a copy for your records.


Purchase software or create a template based on all the tasks of the boss to create the review. Think of it as a job description for a job seeker being evaluated as a good match for success within a company.

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  • Statistics from the boss' work
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