How to fix a waterlogged cell phone

Updated February 21, 2017

If you accidently leave your cell phone in your pocket while doing laundry or going swimming, the exposure to water often will destroy it. Fortunately, if you realise right away that your cellphone has become waterlogged, you may still have a chance to save it. Since cell phone warranties don't normally cover water damage, you should try to fix the phone yourself. The key to fixing a waterlogged cell phone is to dry the phone as quickly as possible, without using any heat, which may further damage the phone.

Remove the battery and SIM card. If you are unable to fix your phone, you may still be able to recover your phone data through the SIM card by bringing it to your wireless provider.

If you exposed your phone to salt water, such as the ocean, rinse it quickly with fresh water. Salt water can damage the phone during the drying process.

Spray your phone with compressed air. You can purchase a can of compressed air from computer supply stores. Spray until the phone appears dry.

Place your phone in a bowl of water-absorbent material, such as silica gel packets or uncooked rice. This will remove additional water that the compressed air didn't spray off. Leave the phone overnight.

Return the battery and SIM card to the phone and power it on.


The sooner you begin drying your phone, the less likely it is to suffer permanent damage.


Do not use hot air to dry your cell phone. Hot air can destroy the circuit boards.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air
  • Silica gel packets or other water-absorbent material
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