How to Create Dingbats for MS Word

Written by aurelio locsin | 13/05/2017

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor because of its abilities to lay out and format documents. You can easily change fonts, create tables or add headers and footers with a mouse-click and a menu option. The software even allows you to add dingbats, which are ornamental characters for decorating titles, emphasising paragraphs or beautifying section breaks.

Click the cursor in your document on which you want the dingbat to appear.

Choose the Insert menu and select "Symbols" to display the Symbol dialogue box.

Choose a font that contains dingbats. Nearly every font, including Arial and Times New Roman, contains some symbols for use as dingbats. However, you may need to scroll to the font table to find it. Fonts that consist almost exclusively of symbols include Wingding, Wingdng2 and Wingdng3, all of which come in the default version of Word.

Double-click on the symbol you want. It appears in the document after the cursor.

Drag a selection rectangle across the symbol if you want to make it bigger than the current font size. Choose the Format menu and click "Fonts" to display the Font dialogue box. In the Font scroll box, select a larger size. Click "OK" to close the dialogue box and increase the dingbat size.

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