How Do I Reset My Computer to Yesterday?

If your computer is malfunctioning, you can sometimes solve the problem by restoring your machine to a previous setting. System Restore is a simple feature that resets your computer's settings to a previous day when it was working properly. Access System Restore through your computer's System Tools and have your computer working again in no time.

Click the "Start" icon, located at the bottom left of your computer screen.

Select the "Programs" option from the "Start" menu.

Find and select the "Accessories" folder from the "Programs" menu.

Choose "System Tools" from your computer's list of accessories.

Select "System Restore" from the "System Tools" menu on your computer.

Wait for the calendar dialogue box to appear on your computer screen. Click on yesterday's date, or any date on the calendar, to select it.

Click "Restore" to return your computer settings to the way they were on the date you selected in Step 6.


If you have unintentionally restored your computer to an undesired setting, it is possible to undo the system restoration. Complete Steps 1 through 5 and wait for the "Welcome to System Restore" page to display. Select "Undo My Last Restoration," and follow the prompts to reverse the process.


If using System Restore does not solve your problem, you may have to install Windows again using the disk that was provided with your computer.

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