How to make a paper flower vase

Updated April 17, 2017

Fresh cut flowers require a container that complements their natural beauty. Traditional vases are always appropriate but can sometimes lack excitement. One way to liven up a plain flower vase is to embellish it with paper. Paper can lend a vase texture, colour and charm and make it worthy of displaying all on its own, even without blooms.

Collect the paper you wish to use on your vase. Consider using multicoloured pieces of tissue paper, which will have a watercolour effect when applied to a clear glass vase, or brown butcher paper for a rustic look. For a traditional découpage look, use images cut out from magazines.

Cut the paper into squares, strips, circles, or other forms. Tear the paper rather than cut it if you like. You can cover the vase with tiny, colourful bits for a mosaic look or use long strips that don't lay perfectly flat for a more textured appearance.

Brush one section of the glass vase with a light coating of clear craft adhesive. Place pieces of paper over the adhesive in the position you desire. Coat another section of the vase with a thin layer of adhesive. Position the paper over the adhesive. Continue this process until the entire surface of the vase is covered with a paper.

Paint a thin coat of the clear craft adhesive over the paper-coated vase, making sure to cover each bit of paper.

Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly. You will have a flower vase that appears to be fashioned of paper.


Choose a glass vase with a smooth surface. A textured or ridged surface will make it more difficult to embellish the vase with paper. Select a clear craft adhesive that works on glass. Avoid getting the outside of your finished paper vase wet; fill the vase with water carefully by holding it under the tap or pouring water into it from a teapot or watering can. Hold the paper flower vase completely upside down when you pour water out of it.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Smooth glass vase
  • Clear, brush-on craft adhesive
  • Broad, flat paintbrush
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