How to potty train a springer spaniel puppy

Updated April 17, 2017

English springer spaniel puppies are typically easy to potty train like most other intelligent dog breeds. The variable component in the English springer spaniel potty training equation is the owner. If you are committed to establishing a set routine that is chock full of consistency and praise, you are almost guaranteed to have a springer spaniel puppy that is potty trained in no time.

Purchase a crate that is the right size for your springer spaniel puppy. The crate should only be big enough so that your springer spaniel puppy can stand up, turn around and lie down in it. Take your puppy with you to the store, if possible, to select the right size crate.

Leave your springer spaniel puppy in the crate when you cannot provide supervision. Crate training works with an animal's natural instincts of not wanting to eliminate where it eats or sleeps. By leaving the puppy in the crate, you are teaching it that when it needs to use the bathroom, it should not do so inside your home.

Establish a routine by taking your springer spaniel puppy outside at the same times everyday. Doing so will help you to successfully potty train your pup, states the springer spaniel information website Springer spaniels thrive on routine and if yours knows exactly when it will be able to relieve itself, it will typically wait until that time. Good times to take your puppy outside include before and after it sleeps, eats and plays, and immediately upon releasing it from the crate, with a few other times in between.

Take your springer spaniel puppy outside through the same door to the same spot each time. Over time, your puppy will learn that when it encounters these objects and locations, it is supposed to eliminate.

Give your springer spaniel puppy a command each time it eliminates, such as "potty" or "empty." If you say the same word each time, it will eventually learn to associate that command with the action of going potty. Springer spaniels are extremely intelligent and typically pick up on this command rather quickly.

Praise your springer spaniel enthusiastically when it goes potty in the appropriate place. Springers respond very well to praise, states the website Reward your springer puppy with treats and affection.

Clean any accidents in your home with an enzymatic cleaner that is specially formulated for the removal of waste odour. Regular household cleaners will not completely remove the smell of your dog's waste. However, while you cannot detect the odour, your springer will smell it and the odour will actually encourage it to eliminate there again. Springer spaniels have an incredible sense of smell, as evident from their use as hunting dogs. Therefore, it is essential to properly alleviate any waste odour or your springer will likely frequent that same spot again and again.

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