How to Download Maps to a Garmin 72

Updated July 20, 2017

The Garmin GPS 72 is a handheld unit with an LCD screen that runs on two AA batteries to provide you with essential geolocation data. The waterproof unit also provides helpful information such as the movement of the tides or sunrise and sunset times. Although the Garmin GPS 72 does not accept all map data, you still can download maps from Garmin's MapSource Points of Interest software directly to your unit.

Install Garmin's MapSource software on your computer by inserting the CD to your computer's disk drive and following the directions to copy the files onto your hard drive. If your copy of MapSource needs to be unlocked, you will find the code bundled with your software.

Connect your Garmin GPS 72 unit to your computer. Your Garmin GPS 72 can connect in two ways, either with a serial cable or a USB data cable. Ensure that your Garmin GPS 72 unit has been turned on and then start the MapSource program.

Select the Map tool function in MapSource to choose which map areas you would like to download to your Garmin GPS 72. The region you highlight with your mouse will become yellow as you navigate. Click on the selected regions to select them for download, and they will be shaded pink.

Confirm that your GPS unit has enough memory available by clicking on the Maps tab on your left. This will show you how much memory the map will take up. If your map is taking up too much space, deselect areas by holding down the "CTRL" key while you highlight the undesired areas with your mouse.

Transfer the selected regions to your GPS unit by clicking on "Send to Device" under the "Transfer" menu options. If the Garmin GPS 72 unit does not appear under the list of selectable devices, click "Find Device."

Check the map regions you would like to send under the "What to Send" option and click "Send." MapSource will transfer the new map data to your GPS unit. Once the transfer has been confirmed, you can disconnect your Garmin GPS 72 unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Garmin MapSource Points of Interest CD-ROM
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