How do I word the thank you on our wedding favours?

Written by angela lafollette | 13/05/2017
How do I word the thank you on our wedding favours?
Add a personalised message to your wedding favours. (Claudio Beduschi/iStock/Getty Images)

Surprise your guests with a special message on their wedding favours. Although most brides and grooms send out thank you cards for gifts, many neglect to provide immediate thank you messages on the wedding favours. Your guests will remember your gratitude and will appreciate the thought you put into adding a personal or custom message on their favours. Thank your wedding guests with either a simple message or one that comes truly from your heart.

Know how many guests will be attending the wedding. The number of guests will depend on whether you leave personalised notes on the wedding favours or leave the personalisation for the actual gift thank you cards.

Choose to write the notes by hand or print them from a computer. This will depend on the number of guests you have and how much time you can spare. Personalised thank you notes written by hand will add more elegance, but if you do not have time, it is perfectly fine to print them out with your home computer.

Figure out how much room you have to write. Your favour tags may only allow you to say one or two words, or a whole paragraph. A small favour tag may simply say "Thanks You" or "Thanks." While a larger favour tag may include a song lyric or biblical passage. If you want a more personalised message on a larger favour tag, include a message that represents this. For example, "Mr and Mrs Smith, You are true friends. We are very glad that we have known you for long, and thankful for all that you have done for us. Thank you for being here on our special day."

Decide on a tone for the thank you notes on the favours. If you have an elegant theme, you may want the notes to appear formal. If the theme will be more casual, then write thank you notes that represent that style. For instance, a formal message will include a proper greeting of "Mr and Mrs Smith" or "Dear Joe and Jill." A simple message will state the guest's names or just include a message without any greeting like "Bill and Jane, Thank You" or "Thanks for enjoying our special day with us."

State the message right away. Include a general thank you message for everyone, by keeping it simple and to the point. Although thank you message like "Thanks for being here on our special day" sounds generic, they will convey your message. If you fear that your message sounds generic, try writing it from your heart with as much meaning as possible. A phrase like "We are blessed to have all of you in our lives."

Choose a signature for the thank you note. Use a closing line such as "All of Our Love" or "Love" before you sign your name. You can also simply sign your names at the end by just using your first names by writing "David and Ashley" or use proper etiquette and sign the thank you notes as "Mr and Mrs Smith."

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