How to connect a headphone amp

Updated July 20, 2017

Headphone amplifiers take a single input and amplify the sound before sending it out to a single or multiple sets of headphones. They are often used in music studio settings, allowing producers and engineers to listen closely to a project without ambient background noise, and allowing full playback during recording without allowing unwanted sound to reach the microphones. Amplifiers are usually connected in line between the mixing console and studio monitors. Connecting a headphone amp is a quick and easy process.

Connect the power of the headphone amplifier. Some headphone amps get power from USB or audio connections, but nearly all have their own power source.

Connect the monitor output from your mixing console to the input of your headphone amp. Nearly all headphone amps have a single set of stereo inputs which are clearly marked on the amplifier unit.

Connect the pass through output from your headphone amp to the input of your studio monitors. The monitors will receive raw, unamplified audio signal--the signal will be unmodified by the headphone amp before being forwarded to the monitors.

Plug in headphones to the headphone jacks on the amp. Different amp models allow for different numbers of headphone connections. Nearly all models allow for independent volume adjustments for each set of headphones.

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