How to Copy Music, Photos & Videos From a Phone Memory Card to a Laptop

Written by michelle varsallona | 13/05/2017
How to Copy Music, Photos & Videos From a Phone Memory Card to a Laptop
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Cell phones can store a limited amount of music, videos and pictures. At times, you should consider moving these files from the phone to your computer so you can save them without taking up much needed space on your phone. Most phones use USB cables that can be attached to your laptop to transfer files; if you’re lucky, your phone may have a microSD card that you can remove from the phone to transfer the files.

Connect your phone to the laptop via the USB cable fitted for your phone. Some phones take universal mini or micro USB cables, but some require cables specifically fitted for the phone. If you lose the specifically fitted cable to your phone you will need to get a new one from your cell phone provider or the phone manufacturer.

Allow your computer to recognise the new device.

Open the phone’s folders on the laptop. In Windows, use “My Computer,” and on a Mac, use “Finder,” to open the cell phone folders. Some phones require specific software before you can view and transfer files. Typically, these can be downloaded for free on the manufacturer’s website.

Copy the files you want on the laptop to a folder on your hard drive. You can save the files anywhere you want.

Remove the microSD card from your phone. The phone will either have an external port on the side of the phone or an internal port under the battery.

Insert the microSD into the microSD card adaptor that came with the card.

Insert the card into the SD card slot on the laptop. Some laptops have media ports that include a slot for SD cards; it will say "SD card" or have a picture of a card on it. If your laptop does not have a media port, you can connect an SD card reader to the laptop via USB and insert the SD card into it for it to be read.

Follow steps three and four from Section one.

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