How Do I Close Out an AOL Email Address?

Updated March 23, 2017

In 2008, more than 51 per cent of AOL users checked their e-mail at least four times a day according to When you register an AOL Instant Messenger account you're also registering an AOL e-mail account. Registering an AOL e-mail account also registers you as an AOL Instant Messenger Member. Cancelling an AOL Email Address or AOL Instant Messenger account can be somewhat difficult if you don't have instructions.

Cancellation By Phone

AOL e-mail accounts can be closed by phone, according to the AOL Legal Department. To close out an AOL Email address by phone, call AOL Customer Service at (800) 827-6364. Simple Thoughts explains that you'll need to say cancellation at the menu. You will then be asked to answer your security question. Live representatives are then connected to you asking you why you want to cancel your account. The fastest way to get your AOL Email Address cancelled is to just keep telling them you didn't like it. Otherwise, the live representative will keep trying to get you to keep your account open.

Online Cancellation

The best way to cancel your AOL Email Address online is to first log into your AOL Instant Messenger account. From there click "Edit" under your screen name. Type something in that's generic such as "000." Press "Submit." Click the "Edit" button under the "Contact Email Address." Type in "000." Press "Submit." Open your AOL Email account. Delete all of your AOL e-mails. If you do not access your e-mail account for six months, then your AOL e-mail account will stay deleted.

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