How to Check a Flash Drive Size Capacity

Updated July 20, 2017

Also known as jump drives and USB drives, flash drives provide removable data storage using flash memory. The drives are much smaller than the floppy disks that preceded them, while providing exponentially larger amounts of storage. Flash drives are also rewritable, a feature that some CDs and DVDs of comparable size lack. Though most drives have a capacity value printed on their exterior, the only way to check the true size of the drive is by verifying the value from your computer. The process is quick on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Insert the flash drive into a USB port.

Double-click the desktop icon labelled "Computer" or "My Computer".

Right-click the icon representing the flash drive and select "Properties". The diagram on the following screen shows the distribution of used and free space, and lists the total capacity of the drive directly above the pie chart image.

Insert the flash drive into a USB port.

Click the flash drive icon once it appears on your desktop.

Click "File" in the top menu bar and then select "Get Info" from the resulting menu. The dialogue box that follows lists the size of your flash drive next to the "Capacity" label.

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