How to Service an HP Deskjet 5150

Updated February 21, 2017

Even inexpensive printers like the HP Deskjet 5150 can last for many years, provided they receive the right service and maintenance. Servicing your printer regularly is one of the best ways to make it last and prevent costly breakdowns. Over time, printers like the HP Deskjet 5150 can accumulate dirt and debris inside the unit, and this accumulation can harm print quality and interfere with normal operation.

Open the top of the HP Deskjet 5150 and wait for the print cartridges to move to the middle. Tilt the print cartridges forward and carefully lift them out of the carrier. Set the cartridges aside and power the printer off.

Wipe the interior of the printer thoroughly, using a soft cloth. This will help to loosen and remove the ink residue and paper dust that accumulates inside the HP 5150 during normal operation.

Vacuum the interior of the printer with a small vacuum cleaner. The type of vacuum used to clean computer components works best. Continue cleaning the printer until all paper dust and ink residue is removed.

Dip a cotton swab in warm water and carefully clean the print cartridge carriers. These are the small boxes that the print cartridges fit into. Continue cleaning the carriers until all ink residue is removed.

Swab the metal connectors on the print cartridges as well. Clean the cartridges to remove all ink residue and paper dust. Place the ink cartridges back in the printer and close the top cover.

Remove all the paper from the paper tray and slide the paper guide all the way to the left. Shine a flashlight into the printer and look for any torn pieces of paper, or labels that might be sticking to the tray rollers.

Use tweezers to remove any torn paper from inside the printer. Dampen a cloth and hold it against the roller if a label is stuck to it. Hold the damp cloth against the roller while you turn the roller by hand. Continue to soak the label until it is loose enough to remove.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Small vacuum cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Flashlight
  • Tweezers
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