How to Remove a Mower Deck From a Husqvarna

Updated February 21, 2017

You can convert a Husqvarna lawn tractor from a ride-on mower to a general purpose tractor that you can use to haul materials, blow snow or spread mulch. In order to use the tractor with other tools it's a good idea to remove the mower deck. This frees space for the other equipment, reduces load on the engine and enhances safety because the blade can't be inadvertently operated. Remove the mower deck from a Husqvarna by disconnecting the appropriate parts.

Turn the Husqvarna off and park it on a flat surface near where you plan to store the mower deck. Pull the spark plug cable out of the engine so that you can't operate the mower in error. Place the clutch switch in the "Disengaged" position.

Adjust the attachment lift lever by moving it all the way forward so that the mower is in its lowest position. Roll the belt off the clutch pulley.

Disconnect the anti-sway bar from the bracket on the chassis by taking off the retainer spring. Do the same with the suspension arms on the rear deck brackets. Remove the front links from the deck, again by removing the springs.

Raise the tilt lever and slide the mower deck out from under the Husqvarna.

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