How to Install Roller Garage Doors

Updated March 20, 2018

Roller doors are an efficient and attractive way to close the garage securely. Contemporary lightweight models do not require ceiling-mounted tracks and can be installed with a drill and a wrench. The remote control power pack for the motor plugs directly into the power receptacle in the garage. Check the door specifications before you order a door so that you can be sure your garage opening will accommodate it. Give yourself and a friend about four hours to install it.

Assemble the metal frame of the door. Push the two vertical sides into the brackets on the overhead piece and fasten them with the screws provided. Drill pilot holes for screws on the top, above and below the roller holder, and on the sides at 16-inch intervals.

Set the roller into place on the holder and attach it with the screws provided. Hook the drive chain to the gear on the side of the roller.

Lift the frame into place on the door. Insert scrap pieces of wood into the roller guide and clamp these to the door opening, holding the frame in place.

Affix the frame to the opening, using lag screws or bolts for the overhead frame containing the roller gear and the provided screws for the rest of the frame. Be sure these are sunk into the wooden framing of the door. Remove the clamps.

Install the roller motor on the frame under the roller gear. Attach the pull-cord to the motor, hook the chain to the gear in the motor and affix it to its position on the frame using the bolts provided. Adjust the tension of the chain to the manufacturer's specification.

Attach the remote control power pack to the wall in a convenient location near a receptacle and attach the supply line from the motor. Plug in the power pack.

Set the roller in place on the floor across the opening and pass the provided strapping through the tabs on the top and attach it. Attach this strapping to the roller, using the screws provided. Turn on the motor and let the roller pull the door up until it is completely wrapped around the roller.

Insert the ends of the roller into the guides on the vertical frame and attach the guide rollers provided. Lower the door a little and attach the guide clips to the bottom of the door.

Lower the door until it is almost fully extended and support the bottom. Unscrew the tabs at the top of the door and remove the strapping by turning the roller by hand. Affix all tabs at the top of the door to the roller, using the screws provided.

Open the door completely and attach the spring mechanism to the roller bracket on the side opposite the motor.


Installation instructions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some doors may involve installation of ceiling brackets to hold it when it is open.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver bit
  • Wrench
  • C-clamps
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