How to Install a Cabin Air Filter in a Honda Accord

Updated July 19, 2017

Originally manufactured in 1976 and available in North America, the Honda Accord did not feature a cabin air filter until its sixth generation redesign in 1998. The seventh generation of the Accord, in 2003, made replacement of the cabin air filter much easier, converting from two filters to just one. The cabin air filters clean the intake air coming in through the vents and air conditioning. They help prevent pollution, pollen and other allergens from entering the passenger cab.

Open the glove box and remove its contents. Remove the two locking tabs from both sides of the glove box by hand.

Remove the three upper retaining screws from the box on the left, centre and right with a screwdriver. Close the glove box.

Pull off the access panel on the right side of the glove box assembly then remove the two screws from under the panel with a screwdriver.

Remove the access panel of the centre console on the left hand side of the glove box just below the radio. Remove the retaining screw revealed by the removal of this panel.

Disengage the access panel from underneath the glove box then remove the two screws under the access panel and the centre screw attached to the metal crossbar using a screwdriver.

Remove the glove box assembly, but first disconnect the interior light from the assembly located on the left hand side.

Remove the remaining two screws on both ends of the metal crossbar then remove the bar to reveal the cabin air filter housing.

Pull up on the filter door to release it from the housing then remove it.

Pull out the first filter, then reach in and slide the internal filter towards the door access and remove it.

Reinstall the new filters by reversing the removal procedure.

Open the glove box and empty out its contents.

Disconnect the stop on the right hand side of the glove box by unhooking it by hand.

Press the left and right hand sides of the glove box inward to unseat the upper hinges from their rails, then allow the box to slowly swing down to the floor (it will still be attached at the bottom but you will not need to remove the box completely).

Remove the filter frame and frame assembly now revealed by the pivoting of the glove box assembly.

Remove the old filter and install the replacement filter, then reassemble the glove box assembly by swinging it back upward. Press in on both sides again and lift upward until the hinges are seated in the rails, then reconnect the stop by rehooking it.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver set
  • Replacement filter(s)
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