How to Play PSP With a Playstation Controller

Updated February 21, 2017

The PSP handheld video game device puts all of the game controls right in the palm of your hand. But sometimes it would be better to have a full-size controller to use rather than having to press tiny buttons. Those gamers who have a PS3 can use the "Remote Play" feature to integrate the PS3 controller with the PSP. This requires a home network but does not damage the PSP in any way while it is being done.

Take the PSP and place it down next to the PS3.

Connect one PS3 controller to the PS3. Turn the PS3 on. Navigate to the "Networks" setting from the Home menu. Select "Remote Play" and press "X" to activate it. Return to the Home menu.

Turn on the PSP. Make sure the wireless switch on the left side of the PSP has been turned to the on position.

Navigate from the PSP's Home menu to the "Networks" setting. Select "Remote Play" and press "X" to activate it.

Do not press any buttons and wait as a message screen appears saying that the PSP is obtaining the IP address of the PS3.

Pick up the PS3 controller when the Home menu of the PS3 appears on the PSP's screen. Press the PS logo in the middle of the PS3 controller once.

Navigate through the PSP menus using the PS3 controller. Enjoy using the bigger buttons on the PS3 controller to control the PSP.


Don't have other computers or wireless devices use the wireless network while you are using the remote play feature. This will keep the connection from getting sluggish.


The Remote Play function will cease working if the home network loses the connection between the PSP and the PS3.

Things You'll Need

  • PS3
  • Home network
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