How to Paint a Car With Tractor Enamel

Updated February 21, 2017

When it comes to painting your car there's a lot of prep work involved. You're going to have to shell out a good deal of cash even if you paint it yourself. However, you can save a little bit of money if you choose to paint your car with tractor enamel rather than with more traditional car paint. It's enduring and comes in a variety of colors.

Remove or cover with masking tape everything that you don't want painted. The tires and bigger parts of the car can be covered by plastic bags that are taped in place. Once that's done, sand off all of the paint down to the metal. Be diligent in your sanding. Eliminate any rust spots you come across because they could weaken the paint job.

Put on your respirator and eye protection. Spray on a coat of primer and then sand it down. Run your fingers over the sanded primer coat and make sure it's smooth. If the primer coat is smooth then it protects the car underneath and gives you a smooth canvas to paint on.

Mix the tractor enamel. Spray as many as three coats of paint onto your car. Wear eye protection and your respirator mask. Allow an hour between paint coatings for the paint to dry. The first coat should be light, with the second two coats being medium to heavy in thickness. Once the painting is complete, allow a day or two for the paint to completely cure on the car before you take off the masking tape and declare the job done.

Things You'll Need

  • Tractor paint
  • Respirator
  • Sand paper
  • Spray on primer
  • Masking tape
  • Paint gun
  • Air compressor
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